About Wayan

My name is Wayan Sutika, professional tour guide and driver. I was born in Bali, and have lived in this paradise all of my life. I am married with three beautiful daughters, and make my living giving insightful tours of Bali to visitors from all across the globe.

Wayan Sutika

Wayan Sutika

A number of years ago, I started driving visitors to the many different places and sights that Bali has to offer, and now have become very proficient at English and Japanese, as well as knowing all the places that many of my guests have enjoyed.

I have built many friendships, and hundreds of happy customers later, I invite you to join me as I show you the real, authentic Bali.

Whether it be the major tourist drawcards, or the authentic ‘off the beaten track’ places, I am an expert who prides myself on being professional, friendly and most-of-all customer centric.

Many of my customers find me via word of mouth, as I have driven many people from all corners of the globe, and find that they recommend me to their families and friends.

Please use my contact page, I look forward to discussing your Bali tour or Bali driving requirements.


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